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Irony... You need IE to view the sample page

View this page with Internet Explorer to experience the initiative.

If you don't have an IE at hand, click on this link to view a screenshot of this page viewed with IE6 on a 1024x768 desktop. This will give you a sense of what IE users will experience.

Remember you can personalize the message and the language as well as all the versions of IE that will see it. For more informations, please refer to the guide.

The IE awareness initiative screenshot


This page is here to demonstrate the IE awareness initiative. It is configured to display the warning on all versions of IE up to IE9. So if you use IE6, 7 8 or 9 you should see the warning message.

Language & options

You can view the sample popup in English, in Dutch or in French.

You can also view the popup with IE8 proposed as an option.

Remember that you need to be running IE to see it. Otherwise, see the screenshot below.

It doesn't go away!

This page is here to show people the popup that their users will see. Therefore, every time you come here with IE, you will be shown the message. This behavior will not occur on your website. On a regular website, a cookie is set into IE the first time that tells the script that the popup was already shown. Your users should see the popup once every 30 days.